3D Liveness detection

Liveness detection is a serious matter. In these times when fraudsters are ever more sophisticated, having a solution that separates one from a real human is essential.

That’s why our patented, state of the art liveness detection and anti-spoofing technology is audited and certified. We are really proud of this one. You see it allows you to scale your business while not compromising on fraud.

  • Digital images and 2D pictures
  • High and low-resolution videos
  • Deep fake detection
  • Paper masks
  • Sleeping or closed eyes individuals
  • Silicone and Hollywood masks
  • Wax figures and realistic dolls
  • Animated videos and photos
  • 3D Projection and 3D heads

💡Key facts

If you want to dig a bit deeper on our anti-spoofing quality certificates here is a link where you can learn more.

International Organization for Standardization

ISO 30107–3: Level 2 Spoof Detection
ISO 30107–3: Level 1 Spoof Detection

Liveness Detection by iDenfy

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