Press loves us, we loved them too

It’s always great to be mentioned in Press. Don’t like to brag, but over time we had quite a few organic publications, some examples below.

Press and Media

Payments innovation platform Weavr announces launch with iDenfy

Today, Weavr, the open collaboration platform for digital innovators and fintechs, announced Global Processing Services (GPS), Paynetics and iDenfy as its launch partners. Read more at

Bloomberg and MarketsandMarkets report

iDenfy listed as one of major identity verification services provider. Read more at

INVL Asset Management about iDenfy at

INVL Asset Management signed contract with identity verification service provider – iDenfy. Read more at

iDenfy Featured by INVALDA

BBS and iDenfy finalised the integration

Baltic Banking Service and iDenfy finalised technical integration and prepared private client’s identification system for the financial service providers. Read more at

iDenfy Featured by Baltic Banking Service

MyBlockInfo: Do You Really Know Your Customer?

MyBlockInfo about identity verification services from iDenfy.

iDenfy Featured by

Kaunas In awarded iDenfy as startup of the city

Kaunas start-up iDenfy: The success is due to the ability to hear market needs on time. Read more at

iDenfy Featured by Kauno Miestas

Delfi about iDenfy identity verification

Protection from identity thief.

iDenfy Featured by about iDenfy award in K.A.V.A. 2019

Businesses Growing in Kaunas – K.A.V.A. 2019 Awards. Read more at

iDenfy Featured by KasVykstaKaune

BznStart about iDenfy startup

Potential customers helped to clear startup idea.

iDenfy Featured by

Award: The Startup of the Year

iDenfy awarded as startup of the year.

iDenfy Featured by

15min: Startup start

Childhood friendship has turned into a business: Lithuanians offer an identity based on artificial intelligence. Read more at

iDenfy Featured by

Delfi: About Crypto and iDenfy identity verification

Identification technology for protection and cryptographic payments.

iDenfy Featured by

Alfa: About identity verification

Innovation creators in Lithuania take care of the protection of ideas in the world. Read more at

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