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ID Verification

We love automating processes, that’s why our automatic ID document detection recognizes document by type and…

ID Document examined parts
ID Document Scanning by iDenfy

ID Scanning

The great thing about it is that it’s fully automated. We employ a fancy AI tech to do all the complex work (OCR), which means it’s all done without any human…

3D Liveness detection

Liveness detection is a serious matter. In these times when fraudsters are ever more sophisticated, having a solution that separates one from a real human…

iDenfy Face Recognition

Biometric recognition

Used technology is based on recent and warranted face-matching solutions. With instructions made from 5 million faces…

AML Compliance

Also, know as Anti-money laundering. It’s been hitting the headlines of the news recently. A major financial worldwide problem. Regulation has never been stricter and…

Anti money laundering world map

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